How the platform provide needs of investor
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This is provided for free in AlMajna platform.

We have indeed included this in the platform.

On the platform, you will be able to request to connect to and/or message other users. This feature will allow you to directly communicate with the entrepreneur and ask them for whatever information you may need. On the other hand, we can validate the authenticity of the information given to you by the entrepreneur and their entity, if you wish, provided that the information in question has been validated by us.

We’ll provide you with general guidelines about these issues for free, which can be found in General Guide for Investors. . For detailed and customized guidance for your project,we can provide you with paid advisory services, such as legal consultation, financial consultation, marketing consultation, market analysis, and others, which you can check under our consultancy services.

You will experience this on the platform through unrestricted communication and interaction with other investors.

This also falls under our consultancy services, which are offered for a fee. We can provide you with recommended bundles or strategies to build an optimum investment portfolio, and even recommendations on the optimum transactions that suit your considered investment type and size, and also suits your preferred level of risk..
You will also find in theGeneral Guidelinespage investment strategy guidelines and general instructions that an investor should observe before and during investing.  

You can obtain this service as part of a premium subscription.

This is provided for free in AlMajna platform.

We provide you with two levels of recording interest in a proposal that you have viewed. The first level is "interested" and is for a proposal that attracted your attention and needs further thought. The second is "subscribed", which is for proposals that you decide to partially or fully fund its capital investment needs. Other investors will see when you mark a proposal as interested or subscribed by other investors. Accordingly, investors can discuss a proposal with others whom share their interest in it.