What Does AlMajna Platform Offer?
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Many entrepreneurs have a plan to launch a business start-up, or have ​​a plan to grow their existing enterprise, but lack required funding with suitable terms to fulfill their plans. Conversely, many individuals own savings that they want to invest in reliable and profitable enterprises, but do not encounter these investment opportunities within their immediate network.

Virtual Meeting Space For Entrepreneurs & Investors

AlMajna platform provides a convenient meeting space for entrepreneurs and investors. This space allows entrepreneurs to exhibit their proposals, business plans, and funding needs in detail. Investors, on the other hand, browse exhibited proposals and choose according to their investing preferences. Investors then communicate with proposals owners to discuss details about their projects until they negotiate an agreement that is finalized in official contracts. Furthermore, investors have the choice of pooling their investment on several opportunities to pool their risk, or to invest in a single opportunity, as they see fit.

Unrestricted Networking for Investment Issues

Since these parties are in constant need to exchange experiences and views with others in the field of investment, the platform is also an avenue for unrestricted communication through which participants can get acquainted, dialogue and exchange experiences and opinions regarding investment experiences, discuss attractive proposals with their owners and other investors, coordinate between groups of partners, learn about the requirements of various proposals, and form relationships with investors and enterprise owners from diverse sectors.

Verification of  the seriousness of participants

All this is provided by AlMajna’s platform within the framework of verifying the seriousness of participants thanks to a due diligence system that is applied to those who want to exhibit their proposals and investment plans. In fact, the platform is the first in the Middle East and North Africa region to verify the quality and feasibility of proposals before accepting their exhibition application.

registration on the platform

Furthermore, registration on the platform for unrestricted communication is free of charge and can be done by simply using a validated email account. Proposals and investment plans shall be submitted according to quality and due diligence requirements and in accordance with the subscription plans.