How does AlMajna fulfill my needs as an entrepreneur
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We guarantee you a simple and clear registration procedure. You can register a preliminary account with a confirmed email account. Next, basic information and documents will be requested from you. We are keen to balance the ease of these procedures while attending to your and the investor’s mutual benefit.

We will put competitive prices in the form of subscriptions proportioned gradually according to the services provided with them.

We provide you, for free, a guide to help you draft a preliminary business plan. After acceptance of your preliminary plan on the platform, we help you to improve your plan and perfect your pitch, which falls under ourconsultancy support. You can also enjoy this support as part of our subscription plans.  

From our side, we accept only serious and verified investors on the platform through the robustdue diligenceprocedures, which mitigate the possibilities of deception and lack of seriousness. In fact, we are the first platform in the Middle East and North Africa region to perform these procedures to filter out anybody except investors whose identification documents and funding capacities have been verified. Furthermore, you will have full control to display your contact information to allow communication with you outside of the platform, or, if you wish, hide your information to limit communication to the platform’s messaging feature. However, upon registration you will be required to provide a minimum amount of data about your person and your proposal/enterprise - some of which are mandatory and some of which are optional - so that your proposal is trustworthy and attractive in the eyes of investors..  

You can find a venue for this interaction on the platform so that you may ask questions to other entrepreneurs through publishing public posts or posts on private groups, share your opinion with them, or discuss with them investment issues related, or non-related, to the projects of the platform.

You will see this, and the investor can also control whether to show or hide their contact information.

We provide this as part of all subscription plans.

We provide this as part of the Gold Subscription.