Due Diligence
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ALMAJNA is the first investment platform to due diligence about those who want to exhibit their proposals or investment plans before accepting their application. This ensures the seriousness of dealings on the platform and protects participants from manipulation.

The mechanism of due diligence differs for entrepreneurs and for investors.

For entrepreneurs, the procedures for due diligence are as follows:

due diligence

ALMAJNA performs further due diligence procedures, including:

Based on these procedures, other case-dependent measures, and international standards, ALMAJNA will determine whether the applicant may exhibit their proposal on the platform.


For the Investor, due diligence procedures are as follows:

Additionally, ALMAJNA commits to preserve confidentiality of the data that has been listed above, and not to use it for purposes other than those that have been listed above, in accordance with the  privacy policy  of ALMAJNA.